Anyone Who Feels Unlovable

There are plenty of people besides adoptees who struggle with feeling unwanted and unlovable. I know what it's like, adopted or not. An underlying belief of not being good enough feels the same, regardless of its origins. And that belief impacts us in all our relationships, especially our most intimateSee if this sounds like you:

At the beginning of relationships, you repeatedly have felt ...

  • Excited
  • Hopeful/Optimistic

Only to wind up feeling ...
  • Hurt
  • Sad
  • Disappointed
  • Frustrated
  • Betrayed
  • Discouraged
  • Exhausted

Swinging from one end to the other takes a lot out of you and can make you want to give up. You're not alone. I can help you with the challenges you experience in relationships and get to a point where you feel more at peace. Connecting with others will become easier and more satisfyingand less stressful and tiring. It takes willingnessand having a good guide. I know it's worth it—because you and your relationships are worth iteven though a part of you may question that. 

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